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Thursday, 12 July 2018 15:24

By Remedios F. Marmoleño

My most distinctive physical feature, if I may call it that, is my head of white hair. It hasn’t always been this way. Once when I was a student many years ago in Texas a sweet old lady  approached me to ask, “ Dear, did you dye your hair? It is the blackest hair that I have ever seen.” Well,  now it is the other way around. I often get asked if I bleach my hair because it is so white.  More amused than anything at the question I usually reply to say “ No, I came by my white hair naturally – through aging.”

I can also explain my white hair another way. I can say that my hair turned white because of the long wait I have to undergo in waiting for a click on my computer to bring me the page I want.  (Understand, reader, that the preceding sentence might sound like an exaggeration but I’m sure it is an accurate example of ironic humor. )

When oh when can we correct these kinks in our services in Zamboanga City?

The situation I was in today will make a good example.  I came home from my usual week-end task of marketing when I realized that power in my house was off, and my UPS was beeping away. I decided to simply turn it off as I thought the power outage would last more than the usual 10 minutes and I was correct.

When power came back on it was nearly  lunch time.  I thought of using the computer before my dear (?)  friends in Zamcelco decided to do another power outage. Going into my email site I clicked the usual keys and waited, waited, waited-  I couldn’t get into Yahoo. I decided to close and had lunch instead.

No wonder Jack Ma, the Chinese founder of Alibaba, bluntly told his hosts in DLSU-Manila that our Internet speed is  “Bad, very slow.”


When oh when can we get in step with our Asian neighbors as far as our Internet speed is concerned? These countries may be at a higher level of Internet technology before we get out of  the tar pit of the present Internet service.

If it is not the speed that we contend with it is the frequent outages of power. How in heaven’s name are we going to push forward with the way things are in the country?

I often come across reports about a “third Telco player” that is coming in. But these have just been reports so far. Knowing how things go in our country, a couple more corruption cases will be unveiled before this Telco player will actually be in the game. So what else is new?